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to raaf as A29-1069. SOC Feb 24, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM414. 12893 to raaf as A68-698. 13992 (77th FS, 20th FG, 8th AF) crashed 1 mi SE of Yaxley, Suffolk, England due to structural failure Sep 27, 1944. Group was recalled due to bad weather. 13508 (317th FS, 325th FG, 15th AF) crashed NE of Ploesti, Rumania due to engine failure Jul 28, 1944. 8276 (487th BG) lost Mar 18, 1945. SOC Apr 25, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM454. 22980 (MSN 10024) scrapped after retirement 22981 (MSN 10025) to civil registry as N6244C in 1955. Pilot survived, aircraft badly damaged, unknown if repaired 20719 (MSN 6127) X 6, 324th FG, 12th AF 20720 (MSN 6128) 389th FS, 366th FG, 9th AF; Shot down by flak 2 1/2 miles SW of Dorsten, Germany March 26, 1945; Pilot killed. SOC Sep 20, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM450. SOC Jun 6, to RAF as Mitchell III KJ686. SOC Jul 25, to RAF as Mustang IV KM652. SOC Dec 28, to RAF as Mustang III KH583.


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13311 (308th FS, 31st FG, 15th AF) crashed from unknown cause due to bad weather 3 mi SE of Stainach, Austria Dec 8, 1944. 29679 to RAF as Mitchell III KJ693. 28144 to raaf Jun 1945 as A72-370 - soc 5-52. 8082/8087 to RAF as Fortress III HB815/HB820 HB815 (44-8082) with 214 Sqdn shot down by intruder Mar 8, 1945. 11673 (77th FS, 20th FG, 8th AF) ditched from unknown cause in English Channel Apr 4, 1945. 20732 (MSN 6140) 20733 (MSN 6141) 379th FS, 362nd FG, 9th AF 20734 (MSN 6142) 20735 (MSN 6143) 20736 (MSN 6144) 411th FS, 373rd FG, 9th AF, Venlo Y-55, Netherlands; Crashed 8Apr45 with engine failure 10 miles E of Wessel, Germany; Pilot bailed out and. 13374 (55th FG, 343rd FS, 8th AF) crashed 6 km E of Homberg between Bernshause nous libertin com site rencontre jeunes and Oberbeisheim, Germany due to engine failure Sep 13, 1944. Now on display at Maxwell AFB Museum, Montgomery, Alabama marked as 'Poopsie' 30652 to rcaf 5262 in 1953. Pilot survived and returned Jun 15, 1945. Scrapped Mar 12, to RAF as Liberator KG869. SOC Jun 2, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM447. 14990 (353rd FG, 350th FS) shot down by German fighter near Cologne, Geermany Mar 24, 1945. W/o Nov 1946 and SOC Nov 1948. Pilot bailed out and was picked up by Swedish freighter and returned. 23018 (MSN 10062) to civilian registry as N6246C. Pilot flew about 200 km until island of Vis and then MIA. SOC Dec 28, to RAF as Mustang IVA KM131. Scrapped at Norfolk, Virginia Dec to US Navy as BuNo 64108. 6043 delivered Tulsa Apr 13, 944. Oil covered the windscreen and canopy restricting vision. 14535 (55th FG, 343rd FS, 8th AF) shot down by AAA and crashed.5 N of Haaften, Neterlands Nov 20, 1944. 12206 (6th FS Commando, 1st Air Commando Group, 10th AF) in ground accident while parked at Kalaikunda airfield, Kharagpur, India Jun 3, 1945. SOC Jun 6, to RAF as Mitchell III KJ601. 13326 (374th FS, 361st FG) crashllanded at RAF Bottisham, Cambridgeshire, England Jun 28, 1944. Macr (301st BG, 419th BS) lost Feb 13, 1945 over Austria. On Feb 7, 1945 the plane was assigned for storage to the 4168th Base Unit, South Plains Army Air Field, TX, and on Aug 13, 1947 it was moved to the 4141st BU at Pyote Army Air Field, TX for storage. SOC Jun 6, to RAF as Mitchell III KJ656. 12458 (MSN ) to Nationalis Chinese AF as 412548.

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